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Supplemental health insurance covers above and beyond basic essential medical coverage. These plans can provide additional medical coverages, or can be purchased to contribute towards covering the costs not covered by basic health insurance plans.

Some examples of Supplemental Health Insurance plans are:
* Dental Insurance for adults
* Critical Illness Insurance
* Vision Insurance
* Disability Insurance
* Long Term Care Insurance
* Medicare or Medicaid supplemental plans

The way these insurance plans work is that the supplemental health insurance pays benefits to the insured. The amount of payment, and how it is paid, varies based on the supplemental health insurance plan.

You may be thinking that it is not necessary to have a supplemental health insurance plan, given you may already have a health insurance plan. However, having a supplemental health insurance plan can protect you from expenses that your basic health insurance would not cover.

For more information, or to find out if a supplemental health insurance plan is right for you, contact our sales team today!

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Sr. Sales Executive, Life & Disability
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Sales Executive, Employee Benefits
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