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A culture of doing the right things
At Unity Insurance, we put community first. We strive to build and foster relationships that will last a lifetime, and provide unparalleled service to our customers in Maryland and beyond. We would love to hear feedback on your experience with Unity Insurance, and how we can improve for the future. We appreciate it.

I had the privilege and pleasure of working with Mr. Ron Kendall as my agent. Mr. Kendall emailed me when I first inquired about tail coverage for work at a previous practice two jobs ago, as I transitioned to a third practice, and he very promptly secured me a comprehensive policy proposal. Despite my long delay in responding to him, he was faithful and diligent in reaching out to me periodically. By the time I contacted him again to request a policy, he responded again immediately. When I had reservations about tail coverage before leaving my current second job as well, Mr. Kendall went above and beyond, asking for permission to contact regional administrators for our practice, and querying up two levels of supervisors to verify and document the tail coverage I would have. Needless to say, I'm very grateful to Mr. Kendall for his diligence, promptness, and tenacity in ensuring not only my best coverage, but my peace of mind.

Yun Oh, M.D.Malpractice Insurance Client

Thanks for kindness and guidance throughout my practice for almost 36 years. You treat me as if I am the only physician you have to take care of. Thanks!

Abdul Waheed, M.D.Medical Practice Insurance Client

Our company has used Unity Insurance for years for both our healthcare and malpractice needs. This decision continues to pay benefits year after year. The interactive assistance with my staff in developing the appropriate plans has proven to relieve me of numerous headaches. Any physician, group, or organization that chooses to make a change to the Unity Insurance would not regret it. They are absolutely the best.

Benjamin Stallings M.D.Healthcare and Malpractice Insurance Client

Debra Raver has served as insurance advisor for my medical office in Bethesda for over twenty years. By working with the underwriter, she has made it possible for me to maintain affordable coverage for my added clinical procedures that have continued to evolve. Her ability to keep this coverage has been quite sustaining. She has also made it possible for me to maintain seamless coverage for internal medicine in three states, an achievement that others could not match.

Christopher Unger, MD

Thank you very much for the updated Business Owners Policy. Thank you also, Kate and Ron, for all your assistance and quick response. This process was extremely efficient.

Siafa ShermanBenthal Medical Group, LLC

I would like to commend your present Commercial Insurance Service Manager, Ms. Debbie Raver, very highly. During my long association with Debbie, I have found her to be extremely smart, quick, and to the point. She is an exemplary human being who genuinely cares for people, and makes every attempt to help them. If there were more people like her, it would make this world a better place. You are very fortunate to have her work with you.

M S. Shariff

My sincere thanks to the entire Team at Unity Insurance. There is no greater honor than the privilege of providing the best medical care possible to the citizens of Maryland.

Paul E. Pritchett, Sr., M.D.Malpractice Insurance Client