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Which Employment Benefits Apply to My Remote Workers?

By December 4, 2023February 6th, 2024Employee Benefits

Remote work has become a staple in many industries. As the landscape of what and where work takes place evolves following the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to understand the employment benefits that apply to your remote workers. Below, we’ll explore the nuances of Maryland remote work laws and the benefits of working remotely that not only support your employees but also contribute to the success of your business.

Navigating Maryland Remote Work Laws

While state employees have legal guidelines to follow when it comes to telework, Maryland, like many states, does not have clear laws governing remote work for private businesses. However, workers are generally subject to the same wage and hour labor laws as office employees, as well as the following:  

  • Wage and Hour Laws: Workers must receive fair compensation for their work and adhere to established work hours. Whether they’re working from vacation in Florida or from their home office down the street, it’s important to familiarize yourself with Maryland’s wage and hour laws to avoid any legal pitfalls. 
  • Workers’ Compensation: Accidents can happen, even in a remote work setting. Maryland requires employers to provide workers’ compensation coverage for employees, regardless of their work location. Confirm that your remote workers are covered to mitigate potential risks and ensure their well-being.
  • Occupational Safety and Health: While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) primarily focuses on physical workplaces, employers are encouraged to provide a safe and healthy work environment, regardless of whether it’s in or out of a traditional office
  • Tax Implications: Remote work can have tax implications for both employers and employees. You should consult your tax professional to ensure compliance with state and federal tax laws related to remote work.

Remote Work Benefits are A Win-Win for Employees and Employers

Ensuring a robust set of benefits for remote workers can be a strategic decision with positive implications for your business. Key considerations include providing health insurance, which supports well-being and attracts top talent; offering mental health support to address challenges like isolation and burnout; and embracing flexible work hours to promote work-life balance and enhance productivity. 

You may also consider furnishing technology and equipment for effective job performance and allowing remote workers to take part in some of the same professional development opportunities as your in-person workforce. When your employees, remote or otherwise, feel satisfied in their roles they are more likely to stay with you long term and be more productive.

How Small Business Owners Benefit

While providing remote work benefits is essential for employee satisfaction and retention, it also brings tangible benefits to business owners. Some of the main benefits you’ll see are enhanced productivity by creating a happy and satisfied workforce, fostering a positive work environment, and improving operational efficiency all while providing you with substantial cost savings.

Offering attractive remote work benefits, such as group benefits for all of your employees, also positions your business as an employer of choice. Workers overwhelmingly want remote work options so it makes sense that giving your employees flexibility can be good for talent attraction and retention. And the flexibility goes both ways! Embracing remote work benefits allows your business to flexibly navigate unforeseen events or economic fluctuations, ensuring operational continuity and resilience. 

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