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Health care costs continue to rise, and employers continue to struggle with how to provide quality, affordable health coverage for their employees. As you move toward higher-deductible plans, your employees are facing broader gaps, with higher deductibles and rising medical care costs.

You can’t stop the costs from rising. You can’t cover all the gaps in coverage. But you can move to a solution that helps you lower your health care costs, and helps your employees cover their increasing out-of-pocket costs.

  • It’s flexible:
    • Colonial Life’s Hospital Indemnity insurance offers five plan designs, so you can choose the plan that works best for your business and your benefits package.
  • It’s affordable:
    • Both employers and employees will find Colonial Life’s Hospital Indemnity affordable. Employers can choose to have employees pay the premium, or pay all or some of the premiums themselves.
  • It’s easy:
    • The plans use an easy-to-understand schedule of indemnity benefits. When an insured is confined to the hospital because of an accident or sickness, he or she submits the claim information. Some plans also include benefits for outpatient surgery, emergency room visits and diagnostic testing.
    • Colonial Life pays an indemnity benefit directly to the insured. The benefit can be used to pay for out-of-pocket expenses and bills, as the insured chooses. These claims aren’t tied to major medical claim decisions, so the process is quick and easy.

For additional information and to obtain a proposal for your practice, please contact one of our Employee Benefit representatives for more details at (800) 543-1262.