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Choosing the Right Group Benefits Plan for Your Remote Team

By February 28, 2023Personal Insurance

There are a number of things that are uncertain in the future but there is one thing we all know for sure: remote work is here to stay. As remote work increases, so do the decisions businesses have to make regarding not just the workplace but workplace benefits. Given the prevalence of an out-of-office workforce, it may be necessary for your business to reconsider the benefits your remote workers receive. Below, the insurance professionals at Unity Insurance discuss a few things you may want to consider when choosing the right group benefits plan for your remote team.

Are Group Benefits for Remote Workers Necessary?

One of the primary questions you should ask yourself is whether group benefits are even necessary for your remote team in the first place. Some states or countries may not require your business to provide health insurance to employees that are working out-of-state (let alone out of the country). However, it is important to understand that even in places where it may not be mandatory to provide health insurance it can still be expected by the industry. Not offering coverage may leave you at a disadvantage when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent long-term, ultimately making health insurance an essential part of your recruitment strategy.

Location, Location, Location.

While we are years into experiencing an increasingly location-independent workforce, insurance policies have not quite caught up. Your remote team may be located in different states and even other countries! This means that a policy that works for an employee in one state may not be the same policy that is able to cover another worker in a different state. Knowing that accidents and diseases can take place anywhere in the world, consider policies that also cover workers while they are temporarily out of state. Ultimately, making sure you understand where your employees will be using their healthcare coverage is imperative before determining the policies you are able to offer. 

Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Group Benefits Plan for Your Remote Team

If you make the decision to obtain group benefits for your remote team, it is important that you consider the following three factors: 

  • Compliance. Offering benefits may change the status of a remote employee, particularly a contract worker who when offered benefits are now classified as an employee for legal and tax purposes. If this is not the intent, that team member should not be offered coverage.
  • State and local rules and regulations. Different states and municipalities have different rules regarding the health insurance coverage that employers must offer their employees. Make sure to read up thoroughly on local laws and regulations, including those near the residences of your remote workers, before deciding on a policy that is a good fit for your business.
  • Staff movement. Be transparent with employees that moving away from their primary residence may lead to potential issues with their health insurance coverage in the future. While some policies may only be valid in a worker’s main country of residence, others may cover the employee internationally. Consider the needs of your individual remote employee when deciding.

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