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Why You Should Change Your Agency of Record to Unity

Fall is in the air. With cooler temps and the change of seasons, is it time to change your insurance agency? This transitional time can be an excellent opportunity to review your coverage. Below, the insurance professionals at Unity Insurance discuss the agent of record process and the benefits of changing your agency of record to Unity Insurance. 

What is an Agency of Record?

An agency of record is an insurance provider with the legal right to service or maintain a customer’s policy. If a policyholder is unhappy with the agency that holds their policy for whatever reason–whether it be a personality disconnect, bad service, or just the fact that an agent has moved on from a company– this process allows them to take their current plan to a new agent or agency, if desired, and keep all existing coverage.

Continuity of Your Policy

One of the main benefits of the agency of record process is that policyholders are able to maintain their plans and services continuously. Rather than have a gap in coverage or services, an agent can review your coverage to provide the same plan or even potentially lower the cost of your coverage with a similar policy.

Working for You

Another benefit to the agent of record process is that agents work harder to earn your business. Clients can move on to another agency at any time, so they are incentivized to give the customer the best service possible. Of course, at Unity this is never a problem!

Get Started

Changing your agency of record is a simple process and requires only a one-page document. Unity Insurance can provide the forms and coordinate the change on the client’s behalf. We pride ourselves on being our customers’ best advocates by offering customized plans with the coverages you need at a competitive price. Connect with the team at Unity Insurance to help sort through your options!

Speak With An Agent At Unity Insurance

Unity Insurance understands the challenges of finding a customized insurance policy. Our professionals provide guidance and support to ensure you make the right decisions regarding coverage. We work with our clients to provide the best plan for their business. Call 410-539-6642 to learn how the experienced insurance agents at Unity Insurance can assist you.