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Benefits of Purchasing Insurance through One Agency

By July 18, 2022July 19th, 2022Personal Insurance


When purchasing an insurance policy, the array of choices can be overwhelming and time-consuming. How do you decide which policy is right for you? Below, the insurance professionals at Unity Insurance discuss the benefits of buying insurance through an independent agency and everything you need to know before choosing a company for you. 

Building a Better Relationship

When you use an independent agency, like Unity Insurance, each interaction with our trusted associates is personalized. Rather than having to call multiple contacts for a quick update, Unity Insurance customers have a single contact to make sure they’re taken care of to our standards. We take every exchange as a chance to build better relationships with our clients and can guarantee that you’ll receive better service.  

More Options in Less Time

The best way for you to buy insurance depends on your specific needs, but for most people, purchasing through an independent agency is an optimal choice because it allows them to evaluate more options in less time. Independent agencies do not work for any one insurance provider so they can offer you the best choices from multiple carriers customized to your exact needs. Using an independent agency is like visiting a one-stop-shop for all of your insurance needs. A good agency can get to know you and be an advocate for your needs, and you really can’t beat the convenience!

Choosing the Right Policy for You

Before purchasing insurance, it is essential to understand exactly what you need from a policy. Do you need coverage for just a few employees or many? Are there any unique or complex needs within your business? How do you use the Internet in the course of your business? ? Gathering this information in advance allows your agent to provide you with an accurate quote. 

In addition to answering those basic questions, you’ll want to consider your existing coverages to ensure that the quote you receive will provide comparable coverage and suit your needs as soon as you need a policy.

We pride ourselves on being our customers’ best advocates, with our customized plans offering the coverages you need at a competitive price. Connect with the team at Unity Insurance to help sort through your options!


Speak With An Agent At Unity Insurance

Unity Insurance understands the challenges of finding a customized insurance policy. Our professionals provide guidance and support to ensure you make the right decisions regarding coverage. We work with our clients to provide the best plan for their business. Call 410-539-6642 to learn how the experienced insurance agents at Unity Insurance can assist you.