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Is your practice prepared to absorb a six figure loss?

Medical practices are a top target for breach of patient information and system hacks. These attacks can cripple your practice and negatively impact your practice financially.

Not only are you at risk from cyber criminals, but most security breaches are usually caused by employee actions from passwords, phishing schemes, cellphones, and lost or stolen laptops.

The cost to your practice from such a breach can accumulate in the six figures, to even millions, for larger practices. The costs add up from notification, credit monitoring, civil fines, penalties, liability, and loss of business income, as well as reputational harm and ransom coverage.

Your practice cannot afford to not have coverage in place to protect you from the type of financial damage a claim could cost you.

Unity Insurance provides protection and peace of mind with our solution to these exposures. We offer affordable data security breach insurance policies, and have access to all of the leading insurance companies to make sure you are covered properly.

Please contact our sales team for more information.

Ron Kendall
Sr. Sales Executive, Property & Casualty
Office Direct: 443-449-2334
Fax: 410-649-4154

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