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Worker’s Compensation Exposures in Dentist and Doctor’s Offices

When it comes to worker’s compensation, many companies can find themselves in hot water if they are not prepared for an employee being injured on the job. Dentist and doctor’s offices may pose unique risks and it is important to educate employees on the various injuries that may occur. Here, the specialized insurance experts at Unity Insurance discuss the risks associated with dentist and doctor’s offices, how to educate your employees on these risks and best practices for preventing worker’s compensation claims. 

Associated Risks In the Workplace

Workers in doctors or dentist’s offices could be at risk for certain workplace injuries including injury from tools such as needles or other sharp objects. Working in dentist or doctor’s offices generally requires operating in high-stress situations, which can ultimately increase the chance of injury. For example, the repetitive motion of a dental assistant performing teeth cleaning in an unnatural position can eventually cause strain on areas such as the wrist, arm or neck, and if severe enough, may prevent them from performing their job. Additional risks for employees working in dentist and doctor’s offices include a higher risk of infection, psychological stress, allergic reactions from tools or safety materials such as gloves and exposure to radiation from x-ray machines.

Educating Employees on Workplace Risk and Prevention

While it is vital to be prepared with the proper business insurance, such as the specialized policies recommended by Unity Insurance, preparing and training your employees frequently can be a proactive step in maintaining workplace safety. OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Division, even has a training manual for medical and dental practices.

As a business owner, it is also important to lead by example. If you schedule a time to ensure that you are up-to-date with any compliance training or certifications, and make training a primary aspect of your internal structure, employees are likely to be more receptive, ultimately leading to a lowered risk of an on-the-job injury. Finally, keeping written documentation of when training has been completed, as well as easily accessible documents as reminders, can help your staff feel comfortable and prepared in the workplace, and allow them the opportunity to independently study safety practices as needed.

Correlation Between Worker’s Compensation and Career Choice

While no business wants their employees to file for worker’s compensation, injuries are not always preventable. The good news is that individuals in a setting such as a dentist or a doctor’s office are less likely to have to file for worker’s compensation. These individuals have gone through extensive education and training and many have an established career in their field. In return, they are more likely to enact safety measures in the workplace because they are well aware of the associated risks, and handling stressful or complex situations in a professional manner. Finally, many small offices do not have the staffing capacity to replace an individual who is out with an injury for an extended period of time, so those individuals work on a daily basis to practice safety in the workplace.

How Unity Insurance Can Protect Your Business

When it comes to business, preparation is key. Ensuring that your company is properly insured by a qualified agency such as Unity Insurance can reduce stress and allow your employees to feel adequately prepared for the job. As an insurance agency whose primary focus is to protect your business and the associated risks that come with it, we are here to help ease tension and keep your employees safe. To learn more about how the qualified insurance professionals at Unity Insurance can help you, contact our office today.