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Why Independent Agencies are Better than a Direct Writer

By November 17, 2021Personal Insurance

Purchasing insurance is important and you want to ensure that you pick the right plan for you. With insurance, you want to maximize the benefits you purchase. With the help of a professional independent insurance agency, you choose a plan that meets your specific needs. Below, the agents at Unity Insurance discuss why an independent agency is more beneficial than a direct writer for choosing the right insurance plan. 

Independent Agency 

An independent agency represents multiple insurance companies. An independent agent offers recommendations based on your specific circumstances, including situations and budget. They work with you to meet your needs and align with your requirements.

Direct Writer

A direct writer is an agent who is affiliated with one specific insurance company. Direct writers only sell policies offered by their company. Because direct writers are only authorized to sell their companies’ policies, it limits your options. 

Benefits of Working with an Independent Agency

When you choose to work with an independent agent, you are able to form a lasting relationship with them. When you get to know your insurance agent, they will develop a better understanding of your needs. Independent agents are able to compare different insurance companies and policies and will help you choose the best policy for you.

If your life circumstances change, you can easily switch policies or companies with the help of an independent agent. They have your and your employees’ best interests in mind. With a direct writer, on the other hand you may have to jump through more hoops to change your policy or insurance company. 

If you file a claim, you will receive individualized claim assistance. From the beginning of the claims process to the end, your independent agent will update you regularly. Independent agents communicate with clients in a way they can understand. 

As an independent insurance agency, Unity Insurance represents a number of different insurance providers, providing a diverse variety of coverage options at a number of price points. We want to help you find the right policy by determining the best cost, coverage, and service to meet your individual requirements.

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