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Tips for Choosing Small Business Insurance

By January 29, 2020February 26th, 2020Business Insurance

As a business owner, you want to ensure that every aspect of your company, from your finances to your company culture, is running smoothly. When it comes to insurance, it can be difficult to understand the nuances of business insurance, and how your business can be negatively impacted without it. It only takes one event or accident to impede the success of a business and bring considerable financial and emotional distress to its owner. Here, the insurance professionals at Unity Insurance discuss tips and best practices for choosing small business insurance, and how to keep your business safe from the consequences of potential accidents.

Assess Risks and Establish a Plan

When looking into small business insurance, the first step that your business should take is assessing the risks associated with your company. While there is always the chance for unforeseen circumstances such as a natural disaster or injury on the job, figuring out the prominent risks that could affect your business can alleviate confusion and unneeded stress. That is why the insurance professionals at Unity Insurance continuously work to stay abreast of changes in Maryland and the national insurance industry, and can help you identify gaps in coverage, look for ways to save money and keep your assets and income protected. As the years go by, many businesses see growth, and with growth comes change in structure and potential risk. Therefore, it is important to reassess your business needs yearly with a professional and make sure that your company is properly covered.

Understand the Types of Business Insurance

Small business insurance is not a “one size fits all” deal. Some business insurance, such as unemployment and disability insurance, are required for any business that has employees, and certain states may require additional insurance. Insurance agencies such as Unity Insurance offer varying forms and bundles of business insurance to suit your company’s specific needs. General liability insurance protects purchasers and individuals under insurance during an array of unforeseen circumstances, including medical expenses and lawsuits.

Furthermore, Unity Insurance offers options including, but not limited to, Professional Liability Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, Directors and Officers Liability Insurance and Cyber Liability Insurance. Each of these insurance packages can be merged into a specific plan tailored to the needs of your company to give you peace of mind and know that your business is protected against any unexpected occurrences.

Find a Reputable Insurance Agency

For many small businesses, acquiring a comprehensive insurance plan may not be their priority when working to grow their company. However, one small accident can bring years of destruction to your business and livelihood. For some businesses, there can be a higher risk associated with your line of work, making insurance imperative for your company’s safety. For example, if you were a healthcare business had medical records destroyed or taken in a data breach, clients’ personal information is now made public and exposed to strangers, and you are in a predicament of not knowing where to turn next.

That is where Unity Insurance can help. Your business is a huge part of your life, and you may not know the nuances of business insurance. Unity Insurance’s primary goal is to ensure that you have a full understanding of your coverage, and feel that it accurately meets your business needs in the event of an emergency.

See How Unity Insurance Can Help

In today’s ever-changing environment, risk is constant. Business insurance isn’t. Unity Insurance works to create a comprehensive, personalized plan for your business so that you are covered from unexpected occurrences, and can run your business with comfort and ease. As an insurance agency whose primary focus is helping you understand and navigate the complex world of business insurance, we know the associated risks and are dedicated to exceeding the needs of your company. To learn more about how the qualified insurance professionals at Unity Insurance can help you, contact our office today.