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Medical Mutual 2nd Quarter Invoice and Online Bill Pay

By February 15, 2023February 6th, 2024malpractice insurance, Specialty Insurance

For our Medical Mutual insureds, the 2023 2nd quarter invoices will be mailed on February 17th and will be due on March 7th.

To avoid U.S. Postal Service delayed delivery times, please consider utilizing Medical Mutual’s online payment system or enroll in an automatic payment plan.  This can help to avoid a late/missed payment causing a notice of cancellation for non-payment.  

For more information about online billing services, visit  or call 410-785-0050.

If a notice of cancellation is received, paying online with Medical Mutual is, once again, the most efficient option  Any alternative way, such as check by mail OR through your financial institution, will not guarantee delivery in time to prevent cancellation.

If you have questions about your invoice, policy or need to make any changes, contact your Unity Insurance customer service representative, email to, or call 410-539-6642.