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How Offering Dental & Vision Insurance Can Benefit Your Business

Dental office representing the dental and vision insurance benefits offered by Unity Insurance.

When it comes to providing insurance for your employees, health insurance is standard practice in the modern workplace. However, dental and vision insurance is not as common, but if provided, can be a selling point for potential employees to choose your business for their next job.  Here, the specialized insurance experts at Unity Insurance discuss the various benefits of offering dental and vision insurance to your employees, and how your business can see long-term success.

Short-Term Cost Can Yield Long-Term Results

If your business is considering providing dental and vision insurance to your employees, the main concern is most likely finances. There are various resources available to help alleviate the cost of dental and vision insurance, and in some cases, dental and vision insurance can also be offered to employees at no cost to the employer as a voluntary benefit. As a small business, you may not have access to additional finances or organizations that can streamline the insurance process. However, a short-term hit to your company’s finances may be a better decision for long-term company success. There are a variety of options available for dental and vision insurance, some of which are very cost-effective. In relation to long-term success, offering dental and vision insurance has been shown to help employees feel comfortable seeking out proactive care solutions, lessening the chance of your employees becoming ill or taking additional time off for untreated medical needs. 

Dental & Vision Insurance Packages Show Employer Care

While dental and vision insurance is not required, providing additional insurance options for your employees helps facilitate relationships among co-workers and executives, and provides a comfortable and safe environment for employees to work every day. As a small business, you are likely communicating with many or all of your employees at a personal level. Taking an additional step of providing dental and vision care shows appreciation for your employees, leading to stronger internal connection and improved productivity. Studies have shown that employee well-being in the workplace yields positive results, and this includes physical, mental and financial wellbeing. Employees are generally likely to perform higher when they feel valued, welcomed and wanted in the workplace, and providing an opportunity for assistance through insurance as an employer is a great way to see company growth. 

Additional Benefits Help With Employee Retention

Providing health insurance packages and additional benefits to current employees is a fantastic way to show your consideration and care as an employer, but incorporating benefits such as dental and vision insurance can assist with employee recruitment and retention. As early members of Gen-Z, or those born between the years of 1996-2012, begin entering the workforce, recruitment and retention efforts on the part of the employer is likely to change. Members of Gen-Z are not only tech-savvy, but value transparent and meaningful communication when it comes to all aspects of their company, including benefit plans. In 2020 alone, Gen-Z comprises 36% of the workforce, and this number will only continue to grow. To keep your business moving forward financially and emotionally, incorporating additional benefits such as dental and vision coverage and emphasizing company culture will push your business forward with success.

How Unity Insurance Can Help Your Company Grow

Discussing insurance policies for your business can feel frustrating at times, and ensuring that your business has the capabilities to provide competitive insurance plans for employees can often become overwhelming. At Unity Insurance, we work diligently to help your company obtain the best health and specialty insurance to suit your business’ unique needs. To see how the qualified insurance professionals at MedChi can assist your company,  contact our office today.